Thursday, 3 July 2014

Update – I’m still alive

Hello, hello,

Finally I’m online again. At least for the next hour. For whatever reason our internet at home is not working since weeks. From this week on it should be working again, but somehow nobody came to fix it yet. So whenever I’m writing, I’m sitting somewhere with a coffee and Wifi. That would be a nice thing if I would have the time for this.

How on earth did people live without internet? In our house, everything is linked to the internet. The curtains, the lights, TV, air conditioning, music, everything. Which means now that nothing is working at all (hello, world cup?).

When I was a kid I always dreamed about living in the 60s. At age 12, 13 I did my hair in the morning like Doris Day – with a curling ion. Until, well… I burned a big part of my hair off and got rid of the ion.
Since the book from Diana Vreeland “Allure” (did you know that it took one to two hours for nail varnish to dry by then) and this no-internet experience, I’m actually quite glad to live in these days.
Now I look forward to a weekend in the sun and a week in Germany. Both with internet.