Saturday, 15 March 2014

Beauty - Moroccan Oil Review

Once upon a time I used to dye my hair blonde. It was really nice and long, I loved it until I didn't :) I lived in Berlin and was waiting for a friend at a train station. Just half an hour before we wanted to meet she send me a text saying that she had a delay of a few hours. Great. So I went to the kiosk and bought VOGUE. I was flipping through the ads until one caught my attention. The women in the advertising had wonderful brown hair and it looked so magic and beautiful that I wished I would have my natural hair color (dark brown) back.
Just a little bit later I was sitting at the hair dresser at the train station and getting my natural colour back.
In the beginning it was really different. Not only from the way I looked like. When I was blonde, people didn't mind helping me with something. I don't know if they thought I would need more help, but as a brunette everybody believed that I can get things done myself :)

As my hair was quite damaged from the changing colour, I had to look after it a lot. And I really mean A LOT! Unfortunately about twenty centimetres broke off just like that. Within a month. For about two years I was struggling to get my long hair back.

Since more than half a year I use Moroccan Oil products. I think the oil and the mask are the best products. They really make a difference to my hair. I know that there are silicones in these products, but I rather have hair that grows and looks healthy than hair that is healthy and breaks (which happened with other products).
If you are thinking about trying the products from Morrocan Oil, but are not sure about their price, you can find them pretty well reduced on Amazon - best to look for combined packages. If the price still turns you off, I think trying the Morrocan Oil itself will convince you.

In case you are looking for something to give moisture to the tips of your hair, I would recommend the oil. You can put it in as often as you want and your hair doesn't look greasy. I have tried so many products and have never been as happy as with these. - And now I have a little SPA day!