Thursday, 6 March 2014

Essie - Some Color For The Summer

I'm currently very much looking forward to the summer. I always use the Bahama Mama nail varnish from Essie during summer for my toe nails as it looks really nice to tanned skin. The color of my fingernails depends on my mood. With tanned skin bright colors look really amazing (but I have one from Essie called Eternal Optimist, which is a fantastic nude tone and delicate to tanned skin, too).

For years my favorite color from Essie used to be Status Symbol (which I still love) and Chubby Cheeks (as I always wear red nails when I go to work - don't know why to be honest).

I also like the color 'Big Apple' from OPI, but unfortunately even with a base coat my nails turned orange. Does anyone of you have the same problem with OPI? How can I prevent it (I used a base coat, so I thought that is enough)? Help.

Nearly weekend :)