Sunday, 23 February 2014

Beauty- My Fitness and Detox Plan

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Somebody told me that in the UK the week starts on Sunday. Well, that's clearly not what they say in the world's best selling book, but it is what it is.

Before Christmas I used to go to the gym EVERY day or at least EVERY SECOND day. Including weekends. Since I am back from my Thailand holiday I've been once or twice - within nearly two months... I don't want to say that I got 'overweight', but I would say I am not happy with myself at the minute. My belly is a bit soft and also my legs could look more toned - let's just say I pass the mirror running (which is the only time a day I actually move fast). I have to go back to be motivated, eating good and healthy as well as doing sport.

I thought if I regularly blog about my sport, I will be more motivated getting into this sport mode again.

My usual happy weight is somewhere between 53-54 kilos and when I do my sports program and eat good food that is not really a big problem (I have to say that everybody has a different 'happy weight' and it should always be one you are HEALTHY with, meaning one where you eat enough, drink enough and do sports). Now after Christmas my weight is 55.5 - 56 kilos. When I will start with my workouts this will be a bit more than that in the beginning (as there will be more muscles that are heavier than fat), but I will fit better in my clothes as my body gets skinnier. I don't aim for losing ten kilos! One to three are fine, but the main reason is to get more toned again.

Some people try to get skinny by not eating. I have to admit that I did the same when I was around 19 years old. People were amazed about me losing weight that quick. With the age of 20 I had serious problems as I always got really dizzy and passed out once at my university and once at a night club. After the second time I passed out a friend of mine MADE ME EAT by reminding me every single day. Sometimes in front of others, which I found really embarrassing. Now that I'm older and wiser I have to say that this person is a true friend. Being skinny (caused by starving) and not toned is not particularly pretty. It looks sick. Or let's say it is sick.

Then I met Chris, my boyfriend. He went to the gym three times a week and had a personal trainer. On some days when he was on a business trip or had to work longer, I would have sessions with his trainer and I finally recognized that YOU HAVE TO GO ALL IN to get a toned body. I saw the difference very quick and that is the part where you get addicted. I  know that sounds like a lie. And when I say 'addicted' I don't mean the sport! No, I still hate running! If I wouldn't see a difference I would rather lie on the sofa!

For me going to the gym is the best. I tried running and I do it in the gym as well, but I always feel horrible and it doesn't get better. I run for 45 minutes uphill (the highest level) and then 15 minutes without any grade, as I said, I hate it, but I didn't find any other sport that makes me burn more calories in the same amount of time. Oh well. But I like the rest of my workout.
You have to find a sport that you like. May it be Zumba, normal workouts at the gym, Pilates (which I want to try now), Yoga, boxing, running, horse riding (which I love, but I don't have the time to have a horse)... You have to love it. Otherwise you just feel horrible and find excuses. OR. You have to love the consequences (your bikini body) so much that you love doing sport. I didn't like the gym in the beginning. I felt like the uncool kid, which didn't know what to do. The personal trainer helped me a lot and I have so many sports clothes (four moving boxes plus a separate one for my shoes) that I actually love getting dressed for the gym.
Beauty- My Fitness and Detox Plan