Monday, 24 February 2014

My Perfect Little Friend And Burberry Scarf

The other day I went back home to Germany to visit my family. It fell really good to see them and my friends. I really miss my dog Paul. He lives at my parents and as he is already 15.5 years old, he is too old to visit me in the UK. My brother and I got him from a pets home about six years ago.

I love dogs. They are the best on earth. If you are going to get a dog or thinking about it, PLEASE TAKE ONE FROM A PETS HOME (or an institution that saves them from getting killed in their home country). There are so many in all kinds and different ages, colors, sizes. Some are a bit more scared, but once you find a connection to them they will be your best friend and do everything for you. Everyone can find the right dog (even if you are looking for a special breed - maybe you have to look at different pets homes and call some of them).
By the way. If you are not a dog person, they do also have cats that need someone to love them.

When we got Paul, he did bite my family and me because he was scared of everything. His first owner hit him so bad that his nose and ribs were broken. They brought him to the vet to put him down - WHEN PAUL WAS ONLY ONE YEAR OLD! I can't believe how people can treat a little person (which every dog and every other animal is!) so badly! It makes me sad and angry at the same time.
Fortunately the vet told the previous owner that he won't put him down. So Paul went home with a young women who worked at the vet. As she had four cats - which Paul hates - she gave him to her aunt.
After a few years the aunt died, so they had to give Paul to a so called "care station". But they realized that they didn't look after him very well (they even broke his ribs again!), so Paul landed in a pets home, where my brother and I found him.

When we saw him the first time, he was not a particularly pretty dog. His hair was greasy, he was way too thin, he was crying as he was scared of all the people. The pets home said that it will be difficult to find an owner as he was already nine years old (so what? One of our sausage dogs turned 18!). After a month with walkies, nice food (my Mum cooks for him), sofa, baths and a fresh hair cut you could see what beauty he actually is :)
I would not recommend a breed that is difficult (like stubborn sausage dogs) or a dog that has a bad past if you get your first dog. We've always had dogs - sausage dogs and terriers - and love Paul the way he is. He is not easy (he always needs somebody, he didn't like driving in a car, he would bite us if we didn't 'obey' his sausage dog rules), but he is a great friend and the furriest of my family members :)

Am Wochenende war ich endlich mal wieder bei meinen Eltern in Deutschland. Ich wohne seit fast einem Jahr in London und habe mich unglaublich gefreut meine Familie und Freunde wieder zu sehen. Vor allem vermisse ich meinen kleinen Dackel Paul. Da er schon 15.5 Jahre alt ist kann er mich leider nicht in England besuchen kommen.

Mein Bruder und ich haben ihn vor sechs Jahren aus dem Tierheim geholt. Wenn ihr mit dem Gedanken spielt euch einen Hund zu holen, denkt bitte daran dass euer Traumhund eventuell in einem Tierheim sitzt (verschiedene Rassen, alle möglichen Größen, unterschiedliches Alter). Jeder kann den perfekten Hund (oder Katze) im Tierheim finden.
Da mir das Spazierengehen in England fehlt, habe ich mir überlegt hier ein Tierheim zu suchen und zu fragen, ob ich mit ihren Hunden spazieren gehen kann. Mal sehen… In Deutschland geht das bei manchen.

Da Paul nicht mehr besonders schnell unterwegs ist, kann ich auch beim gassi gehen meine High Hells tragen :) Als er noch fitter war habe ich das auch gemacht. Zu der Zeit habe ich die Absätze in den Boden gerammt, um meinen dicken Dackel zu bremsen :) An dem Tag war es besonders mild, weswegen ich offenes Schuhwerk gewählt habe. So langsam werden die Tage ja wieder länger, was meine Stimmung unglaublich aufhellt.

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