Tuesday, 28 January 2014

May I Introduce You To My New Friend. Stella.

Wow. This year I am ticking my shopping list boxes weekly - now I am going to rest a little bit. As you might have seen on Instagram, I did some serious shopping again. After the Prada Shoes I thought I want to slow down and have a look at the Zara Sale - where I found very nice boots I have to say. However. When I saw 'her' in the store I could not resist. I was thinking of getting a Stella McCartney bag since ages. I wasn't sure which color to get or which size, but when I saw 'her', all these questions where answered :)

The inner material is a lovely, darker rose pink and it comes with a little bag on a chain inside  you can organize your small items in. I'm very happy with the Falabella bag. I also think it suits my body size. You can see an outfit post tomorrow.

Have a lovely day