Friday, 31 January 2014

Hotel Recommendation in Bath | The Royal Cresent

As I said in my last post, the weekend in Bath was very, very nice. Apparently it is full of tourists, but we met one of Chris' colleagues and he showed us all the cute little places tourists usually don't go to. I had no idea, but this little city is full of theaters and art galleries (yes, some of them are really good).

We stayed in the Royal Cresent, which is a wonderful 5* hotel with a spa. I think it was one of the best hotels I stayed in in the UK. Our double room, in one of the houses in the wonderful garden was big and very clean - I love soft beds, so I also slept really well.

We arrived there in the morning and went for lunch at the hotel bar. You have the choice to go to the restaurant, which has an exquisite selection of meals. I was more in a steak mood, so we went to the bar (which is basically like a normal restaurant, in a very tasteful room setting). The bar serves "normal" dishes like steak, salads etc. and I found the food there to be very good.

The people in the hotel were very friendly and absolutely helpful.

On the next day we had some English breakfast before we left for another city tour. You can choose from a breakfast menu where you have a nice amount of choices.

They also have a wonderful spa, which I did not visit as I unfortunately didn't bring my bikini.

If you ever do a trip through the UK, I highly recommend going to Bath and staying in this hotel.

If you like burgers and really good homemade lemonade, I recommend to go a place called 'The Boston Tea Party'. I was still quite full from my breakfast, so I was very food envy when I saw the nice meals around me.