Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Outfit - Spring

Currently all I do is work... Or I sleep. So really there was not a lot of time to take images or post anything. All my friends with kids tell me that they feel exhausted, they only get a view hours of sleep every night and in the morning they just try to find something in their wardrobe that fits at least a little bit.
Hm... So either you have kids or you do a similar job as I'm doing.

I hope after this week it will be better as a lot of my projects come to an end (and the new ones beginn :) ).
On the weekend I had some time to go for a walk and took the chance for some pictures.
Let the good times beginn... Again.

I got these round PRADA BAROQUE sunglasses from my boyfriend for Valentine's day. I love them. I was trying them on at a store in Thailand - but to be honest I was not sure if the whole store was real, so I decided to get them at home. Unfortunately I could not find them in-store and at the time they were also sold out at my preferred online stores. But Chris brought them from a business trip to London :)

Love my Prada Baroque Sunglasses.

Bag PRADA (similar here)
Outfit - Spring?